Prattay Activities
an aspiration to good society.

Social Welfare / Helping People

We are in the service of helping people. We do free eye checkup and microsurgery camp, free ECG, blood sugar testing too AND running charitable allopathic clinic with free consultation of doctor and free distribution of medicine.

Relief camp for distressed people in natural calamities like Tsunami, Ayala etc. AND awareness camps against epidemic diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria are also conducted for the sake of society.

"Keep The City Clean" is our another awareness programme with the help of MMIC Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Every year thousands of pilgrims assemble at the Sagar Island (confluence of Ganges in the Bay of Bengal) in the month of January for a holy dip. We provide Free-Medical Facilities at Gangasagar mela prangan.

Our other social contribution includes distribution of clothing, blanket in winter with the collaboration of "Bharat sevashram" at Joka Hospital each year. Organizing “Free Food Foundation Day" each year is also a countable activity of Prattay.

Felicitation of The Bright Students

Every year Prattay organizes felicitation of the bright students who did well in different board examinations.
We also reward educational stuff and books to poor meritorious students. We hope this will pave the smooth way for their future aspiration.

Krishanu Dey All Bengal Football Tournament

Prattay organizes all Bengal Football Tournament (IFA affiliated) in the memory of legendary footballer Krishanu Dey each year. Teams from all over West Bengal participate in this tournament.

An Exhibition Match was also played to tribute the legend; with the participation of players who shared the field with Krishanu Dey in his prime days namely

We also felicitate Shree Sukumar Samajpati, Shree Shanto Mitra, Shew Mewa Lall (two-time Olympian), Prasun Banerjee, Aloke Mukherjee, Mehta Hosen, Bhaskar Ganguly for thier contribution in Bengal Football.

Commemorate The Nation

To commemorate great personalities of our nation we celebrate Netaji's birthday, Republic Day, Rabindra Jayanti and Nazrul Jayanti etc. in these occassions we arrange a Sit-And-Draw competition in association with Bhawanipore Swadhin Sangha.

Sharad Shilpi Samman

The Prattay Sharad Shilpi Samman include 5 awards; namely

Award Ceremony

Our judges includes celebrities from the field of media, sports, films and literature. One reason of our success is the neutrality of judgement. For the last few years including this year we receive around 160 applications every year which is tending upward each year.

Our award ceremony is held at the major crossing of Jadavpur, where at least 2 lakh people pass by everyday. For the last few years, bands like Chandrabindoo, Dohar, Mokam, Karma performed in the extravaganza. Recently Bhumi band, Lopamudra and Nachiketa also performed in the aforesaid program.