the name proves itself.

The spark was seen a long time ago, and to continue this illumination since 2004, we are fueling the fire. Yes, we are the future aspiration; we are PRATTAY, as said in our mother tongue for CONFIDENCE.


Social Welfare

During our long journey since 2004; Prattay has learned various aspects of life. As a non-profitable organization, we focus only on social welfare. Especially, we are in the service of poor and distressed people. Prattay organizes different relief programs for poor.


Welfare programmes at a glance…


Keeping aside all welfare programmes, we are encouraging and arranging multifarious sports and cultural programmes.


We don't look for any profit or gain. Our soul intention is to encourage the youth to improve the cultural and artistic grade of our society.


Members of Prattay

Members of this organization come from different fields and Prattay began as the noble zeal coming out of their afternoon Rendezvous after whole day's work.

Step by step we made this organizational platform which is driven by nice people gathered together to serve the society.