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Who We Are

During our long journey since 2004, Prattay has learned various aspects of life. As a non-profitable organization, we focus only on social welfare. Especially, we are in the service of poor and distressed people. Prattay organizes different relief programs for poor.

Our welfare programmes at a glance...
  • Free eye checkup and microsurgery camp.
  • Free ECG, blood sugar testing.
  • Running charitable allopathic clinic with free distribution of medicine.
  • Relief camp for distressed people in natural calamities like Tsunami, Ayala etc.
  • Awareness camps against epidemic diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria etc.
  • Free distribution of educational stuff and books to poor meritorious students.
  • Scholarship programmes for each year students of secondary and higher secondary education.
  • Each year Prattay takes the responsibility of all fees, educational stuffs, books for a bright needy student.
  • "Keep The City Clean" awareness programme with the help of MMIC Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
  • Distribution of clothing, blanket in winter with the collaboration of "Bharat sevashram" at Joka Hospital Donation each year.
  • Organizing “Free Food Foundation Day" each year.
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Keeping aside all welfare programmes, we are encouraging and arranging multifarious sports and cultural programmes.
  • The children football competition is one of the most popular events of our organization.
  • To respect the warmth of Bengalees' heritage festival the Durga Puja, Prattay is arranging an evaluation program since its birth.
  • "Sit n Draw", nevertheless, we also try our level best to put some color in the grey life of poor and distressed people.
  • Our award ceremony has been spreading out from a tiny zone to the whole range of the city of joy.

We don't look for any profit or gain. Our soul intention is to encourage the youth to improve the cultural and artistic grade of our society.

Members of Prattay

Members of this organization come from different fields and Prattay began as the noble zeal coming out of their afternoon Rendezvous after whole day's work. Step by step we made this organizational platform which is driven by nice people gathered together to serve the society.